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PRESS RELEASE of 1st June, 2002

Cancer patients and victims of cancer related ailments like AIDS/HIV, hepatitis, pneumonia and liver cirrhosis undergo a lot of agonies inflicted on them by the chronic diseases. The victims look despondent because of the widespread tenet that they would not survive the ailments. This is an erroneous impression. They could survive them if they are properly catered for. They need the society's encouragement to overcome. 

To really prove that the victims need succour and that working for humanity is indispensable, MAMA CANCER FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA, a non-governmental organizaion, was formed for the promotion, treatment, research and realization of awareness of the disease and the enhancement of hope for ailing victims. It also plans to provide support for the victims and their families in difficult circumstances

On Friday, the 26th of April 2002, the Foundation paid a hospital visit to the patients at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching hospital, Kaduna with assorted gift items. At the end of the visit, Mrs. Rose Dibie, a Senior Nursing officer with the Hospital who took the Foundation members round the wards, expressed the appreciation of the hospital authorities for the visit and the gratitude of the patients who were pleasantly surprised by our care and concern. The Foundation was represented by the Initiator and Chief Executive Director Hajia Nana-Aisha Abu Ali, Trustee Member and Program Coordinator Mrs. Dolores Lami Mohammed and the Secretary General Mr. Casmiar Uche Obialom.

Funded through members' contributions, donations and support from donor agencies, the Foundation is open to all interested men, women and youths who subscribe to its ideals.

The Board of Trustees and Patrons of MAMA CANCER FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA include:
Her Excellency, Mrs. Titi Abubakar Atiku- Wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Trustee, His Excellency, Alh. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi - Executive Governor of Kaduna State. Patron, Alh. (Dr) Zanna Bukar Umoru Mandara (Zanna Dujima of Borno and Member of the Borno Emirate Council) Grand Patron, Brig. Gen. Garba Mohammed Patron, Mallam Abubakar Sadiq Adama Patron, Alh. Aminu Tijjani (Turakin Zauzau) Trustee, Professor C. U. Abengowe -Trustee, Mr. Franco Sani Adams (U.S.A.) Trustee, Ambassador Sarah N. Jibril Ex-Officio Member., Hajia Jummai Ahmed Bello Ex-Officio Member & Co-Ordinator, Abuja.

Because health is wealth, the activities of the Foundation are highly commended. The Foundation shall, from time to time, embark on hospital visits and shall propagate her services to every nook and cranny of the society.

Mr. Casmiar Uche Obialom, DCA
Secretary General

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Cancer and Renewed Fight for Victims

 The health of the individual is the most fundamental thing in what ever he has and does. The utmost interest in and desire for good health by all summarizes the belief that in deed "health is wealth".

 The struggle for healthy living is presently the concern of all. The individual, the government, non-governmental organizations and so on work day and night to promote health.

Non Governmental Organizations, in particular, as the closest group to the grassroots, have taken up health matters like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, etc with seriousness. They commit so much time and resources to put smiles on the faces of victims and to show that someone cares for them.

One of the renowned volunteers in recent times with a focus on health is MAMA CANGER FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA, a Kaduna-based Non Governmental Organization with branches allover the Federation. As Hajiya Nana-Aisha Abu Ali, the Initiator and Chief Executive Director of the foundation puts it, "Cancer lives with us. It is painful. It is deadly. Cancer victims, their families and friends need help".

Prof. C.U. Abengowe, in his paper on the history of Cancer, defines cancer as "an abnormal and unrestrained new growth in cells and tissues that produce~ deleterious and often fatal effects." The history of cancer could be traced to nearly 300 years to "Ramazinis observation that cancer of the breast occurred more often in Nuns than in other women and to Pott's observation some 75 years later that Scrotal in young men occurred characteristically in Chimney's sweeps,"

Cancer affects males, females and even children alike. Taking into Consideration the scaring cost of Cancer treatment, not everyone can afford, especially patients who might require the drugs in large quantity before their discharge from the hospital.

The foundation therefore offers counsel and gives material assistance

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to the victims especially the indigent ones. On several occasions, the foundation has visited many of victims with gift items various hospitals like Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Barau Dikko Hospital, Ibrahim Sani Abacha Memorial Hospital, all in Kaduna, to mention but a few.

To further her mission, the foundation intends to set up Diagnostic, Treatment and Research Center to create an avenue for financial self reliance by selling to consumers at subsidized rates, within and outside Kaduna State, job creation and the alleviation of the sufferings of the masses who cannot afford the high cost of the products. The foundation would produce all kinds of hospital drips, water for injection, distilled water for injection, distilled water for infant incubators, industrial and domestic bleach, antiseptic disinfectants, syrups of all kinds and eye drops.

The industry would also produce blood substitute and plasma expanders (isoplasma 4%) with some electrolytes and polynpyrollidone, which completely arrest the transfer of the dreaded HIV Virus to an innocent patient through blood transfusion.

Because health is wealth, the laudable effort of MAMA CANCER FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA has been commended at various quarters. With the able leadership of the Initiator- Hajiya Abu Ali, the Program Coordinator- Mrs. Dolores L. Mohammed and Professor C.U.Abengowe-Chairman, Research and Statistics, among others, the sky is the limit of the foundation.

 By Casmiar Uche Obialom


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