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Hello friend,
I am Hajia Nana-Aisha Abu Ali (Wife of the former Military Governor of Bauchi State and currently His Royal Highness the Etsu of Bassa-Nge Kingdom of Kogi State). I am the Founder and Chief Executive Director of the Foundation.
In April of 1998, my late mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. With great dismay we watched, praying day and night as life was being squeezed out of her. All efforts to save her proved abortive. We could not stop the pains and she finally passed away on the 19th of January 1999.
My family and I were totally devastated.
My mother’s case made me aware of the plight of the cancer victim and what significant role our society plays to alleviate the pains they go through. I was disheartened to learn that the cancer patient needs to go to very far to get assistance, an assistance, which in most cases takes up the entire life savings of the family. The cancer patient has to travel to Ibadan or Lagos, and just recently Zaria and Abuja for radiotherapy and in most cases the machines are not functioning.
I have lost my mother but I shall now use this as an insight to enlighten our populace on this deadly disease- Cancer. I will ( in collaboration with people of like minds) also help  in finding  possible solutions, counseling, cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, research and support for the cancer victims and their families.
 In the month of May of the year 1999, I founded MAMA CANCER FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA (MCFN). The foundation will focus on the possibility of raising funds and mobilizing resources for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and support for the cancer victims and their families.
The Board was officially inaugurated on Saturday the 29th of June 2002 with men and women of integrity, discipline and concern for mankind.
Won’t you join me in this fight against cancer?


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